AlstraSoft Anti-Spam

How it works ?
AlstraSoft Anti-Spam is an extremely effective solution for blocking spam and junk mail.

When a new message is sent to you, AlstraSoft Anti-Spam determines if the sender is authorized to send you emails.

If the sender is authorized, the email is immediately sent to your inbox.

If the sender is blocked, the email is deleted and your inbox is kept spam free.

If this is the first email from the sender, the email is held in a temporarily holding area on our website and the sender is sent an email with a verification link that he/she must click. The sender only needs to click the verification link once, and their email, and all future emails that they send you, will immediately be placed in your inbox.

Keep in mind that 95% of spammers will never click on the verification link so you will never even see these spam emails. If, for some reason, the spammer does click on the verification link, you can simply block them in your members area and you will never receive email from them again.

There are several different ways AlstraSoft Anti-Spam filters your mail. Let's look at some different scenarios:


Scenario 1:

Scenario 2:

Scenario 3:


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