AlstraSoft Anti-Spam



AlstraSoft Anti-Spam has gone to great measures to ensure that your email remains spam free.

>> Profile Management

You can change your profile whenever needed. For example, your contact information, email address, and password.

>> Email List Management

You have full control of who is allowed and not allowed to send you email. Email List Management will allow you the option of blocking anyone you wish. You can also add email addresses that you do wish to receive email from. By adding these email addresses to your 'Allow" list, these individuals will not have to click on the one-time verification link to send you email.

>> Filter List Management

This feature allows you to enter keywords of your choice. If a spammer clicks on the verification link, but he also has a blocked keyword in his email, his email is bounced right back to him..

With Filter List Management, you simply enter words or phrases that you do not want delivered to your inbox. You have complete control of your inbox. You can configure your inbox to reject email by Subject, To, From, Sender, Header, or Body. If you receive an email that contains one of your Blocked Keywords, you have 3 options:

1) Allow the email to be delivered to your inbox.
2) Block the email.
3) Put the email in the Pending List so that you can review it, at your convenience.

>> Pending Email Management

This is the temporary storage area where the email is sent if the sender does not click on the verification link. You can choose to either allow these emails to be delivered to your inbox or you can block them. If you block the email, you will never receive email from that address again. The email will be bounced if they attempt to email you again in the future.


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